Become Our Affiliate

Welcome to Jojo Space! We invite you to join our affiliate program so that you can share the success with us!

Being an affiliate of Jojo Space means focusing on acquiring customers and generating leads, while we handle everything else, including product stock, payments, delivery, and after-sale services. This partnership allows you to operate your own business with the full backing of our supply chain, logistics, and customer support. You market and engage with customers, leveraging our extensive product range and support systems to drive sales and earn commissions, effectively running your own shop with our comprehensive backing.

To apply, please click the following link.

Jojo Space affiliate registration

Jojo Space Affiliate Benefits

The benefits of becoming a Jojo Space affiliate are the following.

  1. You will earn ____% of the sales price (after discounts, coupons, shipping, taxes, etc.) as your commissions for referring customers to us.
  2. Your customers will get ____% off the sales price.
  3. You can buy a display item at ____% of the sales price.
  4. You can buy up to ____ items using the member’s price. 🙂

The more customers that you refer to us, the more money that you earn!


On the registration form, please fill out the email address which we will communicate with. The Preferred Coupon Code is a coupon code that you will give to your customers for tracking that the customers come from you and for crediting your account properly. We suggest a coupon code that is the same as your username for ease of remembering. See the following for an example.

You will then receive an email if we approve your application.

Please check your mailbox of the email address you use for registration. Make sure you check your spam folder if you do not receive our emails.

Making Money

To earn money, all you need to do is to share your affiliate link with your customers. You can find your affiliate link on the dashboard.

Go to “Referral URL”. The link usually looks like this:

Whenever a customer makes a purchase using your link, you will get a commission, and the customer will get a discount, and we will get a sale. Win-win-win situation for all of us!


The affiliate dashboard has all the statistics you need to know, such as how many sales, and what your commissions are.

If you have any question, feel free to write us a message. 🙂

Happy selling!